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This is a little simple guide to 'Best Practice' opening a new issue for adding a new domain.

Standard submissions

When you have decided to contribute by a new issue you should know a few and yet very simple rules for the optimal ticket. These guidelines applies to all MypDNS, @Spirillen and @AnonymousPoster issue boards on any domain.

  1. In the subject field you only type the domain name at second level like
  2. You'll use the template best fitting for the domains classification. Example is for a AdWare domain use this form. It will looks like this:

image.png (837×1 px, 114 KB)

  1. Use the X to choose whether it should be added to the RPZ zone as wildcard or single domain. You find the guide here
  2. Replace the or domain with the domain you like to add.
  3. Give a description for why it should be added inclusive some prof by example a log from uBlock Origin in the Relevant logs and/or screenshots. This can also be "just a link" to another source of all these information's.
  4. Optimal, do also add a Screenshot of the website in question.
  5. The last state is by adding or replacing the ToDo X's to fit what you have done. Unless you have added a new records to the GIT-repo following the Contributing guide, you should leave both [ ] RPZ Server (Team @Spirillen) and [ ] Added to Source file with blank fields.

Adult - Porn related

For all primary adult related submissions you need to use the GH issue board as our DB have a rather limited space and the numbers of porn-related domains is in the zillions, we do not have that capacity... yet.


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