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In the following Wiki we will attempt to give you a few fifes for how to make a good contributions at My Privacy DNS, the follow guidelines are more suggestions than rules, whit a few exceptions



External URI's

When you are linking to an external source, you should do your ab most best to remember to make it clear and visible for the reader that this link is to a recourse NOT on the or domain.

link to external website
I have found this content here: <>

http://xyz/               # Link to web
[[http://xyz/ | name]]    # Named link to web, this is bad style
[name](http://xyz/)       # Alternate Link, this is bad style

If any user(s) is asking you to change a external link that have been hidden as pretty link, you are obligated to change it, if you fails to do this within a fair amount of time (measured on you normal activity), a moderator is allowed to do this, and cast you a warning that in the end can lead to a termination (Blocking) of your user account if this is happening to many times. This will be decided within an open issue, where you always will have you free access to argue for your action.
We are and will always be as open as possible, and nothing regarding these matters will not occur behind the scenes.

Internal URI's

Versus the External URI rule, you are permitted to obfuscate (Pretty links) internal Uri's which is linking to resources on either or

pretty linking to internal resources
I have found this content [[ | here ]]
Inline shortcuts

There is also a number of inline shortcuts that can be used

Remarkup inline links
D123 T123 rX123           # Link to Objects
{D123} {T123}             # Link to Objects (Full Name)
{F123}                    # Embed Images
{M123}                    # Embed Pholio Mock
@username                 # Mention a User
#project                  # Mention a Project
[[wiki page]]             # Link to Wiki page
[[wiki page | name]]      # Named link to Wiki page

short url's

urlshorteners are 100% prohibited, as they by any means always comes with:

  1. Tracking
  2. No change to preview final destination

url shortener exception

Only and ONLY for usage of url shoteners are our own /phurl/, for where it is 100% possible to anyone to see the destination.

image.png (172×570 px, 18 KB)

Issue committing

When you are using the issue templates, please be aware of the presets in the TODO section, and do your best check and uncheck what you have contributed with in the given issue. The TODO section is there for two purposes:

  1. To help you remember committing the right data for making a good issue
  2. To help maintainers and Admins, to see what is for them to do.


This site are using English as the universal language, and it to be used anywhere.

Native language

When you are writing you are welcome to also add the same text translated into any native language. Just remember to add witch language it is.

Native language example

native language example in issue
== Relevant logs and/or screenshots
This issue concerns tracking

=== Danish
Dette problem handler on sporing

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