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This is an endeavor to find all porn domains and compile them into a fully RPZ compliant formatted DNS Firewall zone under the

In addition to this, you might find a variety of different formatted files like DNS Hosts , Unbound or DnsMasq. However our main target is fully RPZ (Response Policy Zones) compliant software such as the Recursor Server or Bind.

Why you should contribute

You should contribute to this list because it does matter for those who have to block this kind of content.

Let's have a look at Cloudflares so called adult filter running on

image.png (220×218 px, 14 KB)

From the test file /source/PornHosts/browse/master/download_here/ which we are going to use for our test we see the following result and why it matters you are contributing.

Test result



We can hereby conclude this project have knowledge to 8615 domains, which CloudFlare-dns do not know about

Age Verification Required

To see any of the topics, issues and other stuff going on within this project, requires you to sign up & sign the L5.

This is to prevent unintended ordinance and badly classification within search engines.

Next you need to sign up as member of this project.

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