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Adult filtering and why to contribute

You should contribute to this list because it does matter for those who have to block this kind of content.
Let's have a look at Cloudflares https://cloudflare-dns.com/family/ so called adult filter running on

image.png (438×436 px, 22 KB)

From the test file https://github.com/Clefspeare13/pornhosts/blob/master/ a project started up by @Clefspeare13 and which we are going to use for our base of submissions to rPH and doing active devolpment for to integrate the Pyfunceble project into to avoid FP's.

Test result

Status      Percentage   Numbers     
----------- ------------ ------------
ACTIVE      96%          8615        
INACTIVE    3%           356         
INVALID     0%           0


We can hereby conclude this project have knowledge to 8615 domains, which nobody else CloudFlare-dns dosn't

Written by Spirillen on May 11 2020, 5:17 PM.
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