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Description    CNAME . ; Adware    CNAME . ; Adware    CNAME . ; Adware    CNAME . ; TrackWare

Domain according to and domain information by VirusTotal

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pdnsutil add-record '' CNAME 345600 .

I wander.... why is my Android Tablet calling any, I have never and will never install a Mtalk: landline in your pocket (DO NOT FOLLOW THE LINK) app/program on my devices, defiantly not when it is some preinstalled shit, as that clearly tells me that Google is using it for spying on your and violating your privacy

As a test the will be added as::

pdnsutil add-record '*' CNAME 345600 .
pdnsutil add-record '' CNAME 345600 .

Let's us know if this curses any privacy concerned FalsePositive's

Spirillen renamed this task from to 14 2020, 2:52 PM 2400 IN CNAME 2400 IN A 2400 IN A 2400 IN A 2400 IN A

Versus the source: we are very pleased to block to fuck up these suckers tracking  CNAME . ; TrackWare

See this gist for a series of observations of that domain from an August 2019 web crawl, included the requested resource URL, the top-level page's hostname, and the HTTP redirect chain this origin was involved in.    CNAME . ; TrackWare
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